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to dla mnie pasjonująca podróż


HTML, CSS, Javascript (i jQuery), php What & when to use? How to separate the code? Which program should we use to write in?


WordPress i Joomla! How to chose? How to accept the limitations? How to use the advantages?

Other activities

Who is the administrator? When you should write your own plugin? Where to search for modules? Which server should I choose? Why do I need a git for?

About me

Hello, my name is Małgorzata Jabłońska. I have been dealing with websites for five years.

My journey with doing websites starts from my own wedding site. I took part in a process of creating it (the mastermind of whole operation was my current husband), I assisted in grafic & substantive project, I was responsible for making, implementing and placing of the graphics. Because the site was supposed to be simple and easy to do, we wrote it in pure HTML, with a bit of CSS and a pinch of Javascript. That’s how I met and learned the basics of these languages. Currently I am very interested in the features & capabilities of WordPress system. It focuses my attention not only from the common user’s side, but from administrator’s and developer’s sides too. I am passionate about the process of creating themes, plugins and widgets (and how they work), but on the other hand – I am interested in the existing solutions and their use in practice. In the circle of my interests are i.a. PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript languages, as well as content management systems: Joomla and the previously mentioned WordPress. I experienced creating a photo gallery in Coppermine. For working with the code, I use mainly IDE Eclipse and Git as a version-control system. For storing the repositories of my projects, I use mainly Atlassian Bitbucket hosting. Privately, I’m interested in fantasy, poetry, RPG games and recreational shooting.

My experience

I gained practical skills by participating in the process of creating the following projects. The details of each work and the scope of my tasks in the description.

Grupa Poetycka IWA

This website unite poets, and it is powered by CMS Joomla! I am in the team of administrators, I was responsible for most of the works put into new version of the site.

Stowarzyszenie Formacja Armum

This is website of the diving and shooting association. It is powered by CMS WordPress. The appearance of the website refers to the association’s business card.

Project Name

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