Poetic Group IWA

Poetic Group IWA

Grupa Poetycka IWA (IWA Poetic Group) is a group that associates people interested in poetry. This group focuses on people from the eastern region of Mazovia. I joined the team of administrators when the old solutions proved to be difficult and too engaging for the previous administrator. The site was based on HTML and CSS. Adding new content took a lot of time and was connected with manual adding of hyperlinks, as well as using script for substitute characters to Latin ones, because sometimes there were divergence of character encoding (differences between coding of text sent and content appearing on site). We have decided to adapt the site to current needs, including transfer of content to a user-friendly CMS.

The detailed scope of my activities, along with full chronology on this site is available under the link (in Polish): IWA – website documentation 2014-2016.To be brief, my tasks were:

  • choosing suitable CMS (we needed to create particular custom user access levels, hence the decision about Joomla!),
  • moving page content from the previous version (mainly HTML) to a friendly Joomla !,
  • design and implementation of graphic design (I wrote my own template, made graphics in GIMP and added CSS),
  • making contact forms (main feature was a form serving more than one recipient - consultant),
  • administrative work (purchase of hosting, domain, mail, installation of the system, work on the backend, installation of plugins, etc.).

During building of the site I learned in practice HTML, CSS, Javascript and php languages (in a limited area to the environment). I also learned how Joomla! works, how to write templates for it and how to apply styles in TinyMCE, how the jQuery Javascript library works. I survived the first hacker attack on the server, so I found out what a blessing is to have up-to-date backup. The site design did not provide for any special adaptation to display on devices of different sizes and different Internet speeds, we used only basic techniques, such as reducing the size of images and adjusting the menu width to the device.

Porównanie wyglądu strony głównej (od lewej: przed – prawdopodobnie wersja 1.3.1 – i po zmianach):

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